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If you are looking for professional and effective custom signage for your business, Signpower can bring your ideas to life!

Choosing the right custom signage for your business is an important decision to make, and it can also be one of your most valuable assets. If your signage isn’t bold and attractive to passers by, it’s not doing its job!

Your signage is what customers see first, and is usually the deciding factor on whether they decide to walk into your premises. It is a well known fact that customers often judge a business by the “look” of their shopfront, and the more modern and eye catching your signage is, usually results with customers having a better impression of your products and services…. which supports increased sales.

This is where Signpower can help. We can manufacture any custom signage you require at wholesale prices. Good for your image and good for your wallet too.

There are numerous custom signage types available, so here are a few options to consider:

Illuminated Signs – This is one of the most popular ways to get your signage noticed! Illuminated signs do the work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… which is especially important at night or on overcast days, ensuring your signage is seen as much as possible. 

LED illumination is a widely used option because they are cost effective, consume less power and can be used in a variety of ways to create unique signage for your brand. 

3D Signs, Letters and Logos – 3D Signs add the element of volume, depth and sophistication to your custom signage, and catch the eye like no two-dimensional flat sign can. By adding the third dimension, your signage is taken to the next level of standing out from the crowd when viewed from a distance, especially when combined with the power of illumination.  

3D signs are our specialty here at Signpower! In general, these signs are usually large in size to achieve maximum visibility and can be used externally or internally.  They are extremely versatile and can be made from a variety of materials including acrylic, wood, metal or moulded plastic/fibreglass… the options are endless!

Window, Wall and Floor Graphics – Vinyl graphics are a very cost effective option to get your message out in front of potential customers. These eye-catching printed graphics are often used on shop windows, internal wall displays, floor graphics, and also vehicle signage. 

They can be used short term to advertise new products and upcoming sales, or longer term by adding that extra visual flair to your brand marketing. Vinyl graphics are a wonderful way to give your business a fresh, new look at any time of the year!

Reception/Lobby and POS Signs – Whenever customers visit an establishment, the first area they see upon entry is the reception desk or point of sale kiosk. These areas are very important in your marketing strategy because they continue to engage customers visual senses regarding your brand. 

By using well designed custom signage, customers get an immediate sense of the look and feel of your business, and also adds to your professionalism and credibility. Every business should have bold, eye catching Reception or POS signage!

Directional & Wayfinding Signs – As the name suggests, these signs help customers or visitors find your business externally and also helps provide directions or instructions internally (which is especially useful for larger premises, shopping centres and office buildings, etc). Wayfinding signs are not a form of promotional advertising, but does play an important role towards your company image and reputation. They should be easy to read and easy to understand so that customers and visitors can find what they are looking for on their own. Most importantly, they need to be co-ordinated with your main identity signage to increase brand awareness. A must have for every business!

Signpower has been in the signage industry for nearly 25 years, and offers superior signage solutions including in-house custom design, manufacture and installation. Our aim is to exceed industry standards using the latest in innovation and quality workmanship.

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