Wall Cladding… a new “look” for your premises!

If you want your shop front or business premises to look its absolute best… then wall cladding is a great solution for increasing the aesthetic appeal of a building, especially when used in conjunction with eye catching corporate signage!

Wall cladding is where a non-loadbearing outer covering or membrane is applied over the existing walls of a building, and by doing so dramatically increases the look of the wall or building. In addition, external wall cladding also provides additional functionality, such as noise control and protection from weather conditions including rainwater, wind and insulation.

Cladding can be installed on any wall or building and is available in a large variety of colours, textures and patterns. Once applied, cladding can transform any old looking wall or building into something that is highly decorative and attractive at an affordable price.

However in recent years, Australian state and territory governments have placed increased scrutiny on national construction and building regulations regarding the use of external building cladding products. This action came into effect after investigations into the 2014 Lacrosse and 2017 Grenfell tower fires revealed that these tragic fires were linked to the combustible cladding materials used (namely Aluminium Composite Panels with a PE core).

According to Australian Standards AS1530.1-1984, if cladding forms part of an external wall on Type A and B buildings (ie: buildings above two storeys), then the material used must now be non-combustible. As a result, premises that have cladding materials currently installed must have these immediately replaced with AS1530.1 compliant materials and/or possess safety compliance certificates from a building industry professional or certified fire engineer. In Queensland, the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) estimates that as many as 2000 buildings built between 1994 and 2004 could need cladding rectification works. See saferbuildings.qld.gov.au for more information.

Signpower offers a complete re-cladding rectification solution with a range of fully compliant cladding products available for professional installation. Note: We are fully licensed for Roof & Wall Cladding with the QBCC (Licence No: 15219279).

We recently completed cladding replacements for TAB using AS1530.1 compliant panels. So if you have combustible external wall cladding installed at your premises, then you should consider having these replaced as soon as possible. We can also complete repairs to any external cladding damage you may have.


If you are looking to refurbish the look of your premises to compliment your external corporate signage, Signpower can assist with the most cost-effective cladding solution that delivers a compliant, functional and safe outcome. Our team of professional installers can convert your existing facade, awning or shopfront to a modern high end architectural finish.

But it doesn’t end there! Cladding can also be used on internal walls to increase architectural flair, giving internal layouts a feeling of quality and style, especially on feature walls! Internal wall cladding can transform foyers, reception spaces, point of sale areas, offices/board rooms, and also ceilings to create interior designs that provide a lasting impression. We can also include illumination effects for an added element of sophistication and luxurious beauty.


No matter what your cladding requirements are, our team at Signpower can help transform your corporate image with the supply and installation of fully compliant cladding materials.

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