3D Signage… the must have for every business!

Signage trends have changed over the years, especially with how technology and innovation has evolved over the past decade. However the one thing that has and never will change is that every business or organisation (regardless of size) must have some kind of  signage as part of their brand identity.

First impressions count… and there is no second chance with this… which is why the type of signage you choose is highly important. Branding is not just a logo but an entire experience that affects whether or not customers will remember you or want to do business with you. 

With the many signage types available, 3D signs are a popular choice for logos and business names for very good reason. Simply put, 3D signs produce a volume and depth effect that catch the eye like no two-dimensional flat sign can. They also provide an “upmarket” look to your branding that often conveys a message of quality, style and success, which is important for attracting customers. And what do you want customers remember? Your name and logo!

There’s no limit to how simple or elaborate 3D signs can be. For the budget conscious, non-illuminated 3D logos and lettering can be installed using materials such as acrylic, aluminium, PVC and wood. The use of different colours, textures and depths can achieve effective, eye catching signs at an affordable price.

However for maximum visual appeal, you simply can’t go past the power of illumination. Illuminated signs work day and night to draw attention and dramatically increases visibility of your branding. The possibilities are endless! Yes, these signs cost more to manufacture and install… but the rewards far exceed the cost. There is a variety of illuminations options available such as front lit, back lit, halo lit and traditional neon style lighting. Or you can have a combination of styles, such as our dual front lit and back lit fabricated letters and logos.

Signpower specialises in custom 3D Signs and Fabricated Letters utilising the latest in LED lighting technology to achieve maximum visual impact day and night. We can also produce intricate vacuum thermoformed 3D logos and building signage (up to an impressive 4000 x 1250mm size for each piece/section).

We are also the proud inventors of our illuminated 3D Logo Implant Signage (exclusive to Signpower). This innovative patent pending technology has been in development by Signpower for the past 3 years. There is no other sign of this type on the market! These dynamic slimline signs provide a new and unique way to showcase brand logos… perfect for shopfront awnings and windows, behind POS counters or front desk/reception areas.

If you’re looking for sophisticated 3D signs that is sure to impress, give us a call on (07) 3271 4444.

Signpower is a full-service sign manufacturing company that can design, manufacture and install any type of corporate signage you require. We provide total signage solutions from one-off signs to multi-national branding projects across any location nationwide.
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