Financial Industry Signage

Over the past 19 years, Signpower has produced signage products exclusive to the financial industry. We offer a range of ATM wall surrounds styles and signage kits for free standing ATMs. Or we can custom make your new ATM surround specific to your requirements to suit all ATM models.

To compliment your new ATM signage, we offer a range of moulded litter bins available in 4 designs/sizes in any colour to match your branding requirements.

We can also manufacture general signage such as lightboxes, window graphics and pylon signs to attract customers to use your facilities.

ATM Wall Surrounds

Our manufacturing technique for RAC moulded products is extremely unique and exclusive to our organisation. Utilising a hi-grade polymer as an external membrane, the reinforced/reverse applied colours have proven qualities in strength and ultra high UV resistance. The “glass“ like finish of this product has the ability to maintain a “brand new“ look for an indefinite period.

Free Standing ATMs

Our generic range of free standing ATM signage kits will adapt to most ATM models. Including moulded reinforced acrylic storage toppers (with optional LED lighting) and acrylic side wraps with the option of non, partial or complete illumination make up this range.

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