Did you know that Signpower not only manufactures corporate signage products? In fact, we can manufacture ANYTHING to your design and specifications. So if you’re looking for an Australian manufacturer for the production of your goods for use or sale, consider the benefits of using Signpower’s manufacturing facility in Brisbane.  
We have extensive manufacturing capabilities to deliver quality goods and specialised products that are proudly made right here in Australia. Our large range of in-house machinery and equipment, along with innovative techniques and highly skilled staff are available to produce items tailored to your unique requirements.
Our team can 3D route, laser cut and etch, fabricate, weld, mould, line bend, 2 pac paint, even fibreglass. From automotive air ducts to beehive trays, marine parts to construction essentials, our manufacturing facility can assist you!
We also offer a 100% guarantee that all goods will be manufactured to the highest quality standards.

CNC Routing

Metal Fabrication

Laser Cutting & Etching

Flatbed Printing

Vacuum Thermoforming (Moulding)

LED Lighting

Large Format Digital Printing

Spray Painting

Assembly & Packaging

Signpower can manufacture ANYTHING to your design and specifications.

Contact the friendly team at Signpower now to discuss your requirements.

Call (07) 3271 4444 or email

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