Rebranding… a necessity for every business!

In a world that is constantly changing, businesses need to change also to keep up with the times.

Change is inevitable… especially in business. What was started 5, 25 or 100+ years ago is  not going to be the same today (as it was at the start).

This is because every business goes through phases of a life cycle, and success is only achieved when important decisions are made along the way. Rebranding is definitely one of those important decisions!

You’ve probably seen over the years how major corporations have undergone rebranding during certain stages of their development. Take Coca-Cola for example, whose iconic  logo is easily recognised by people world wide. But did you know that there were several changes to the logo design since Coca-Cola began over 130 years ago?


Then there’s Google, another popular brand who made slight changes to their logo since they started in 1998. However after 17 years, they officially launched a “new logo and identity family” as part of their rebranding process. 

Google clearly expanded over the years, therefore it was necessary to update and promote their current brand identity. Their innovative rebranding comprised changing the font for the Google text logo (as seen below). Along with the introduction of a new abbreviated Google “G” icon (which represents a compact version of the logo).  And they also added the interactive “Dots” for those transitional moments. This was all created while retaining their distinct colour sequence of blue, red, orange and green.


You don’t have to be a major company or organisation to benefit from a branding refresh.

Rebranding mark the milestones of an organisation regardless of size, and occurs at any stage within a company time line. Take Coca-Cola and Google for example. These once fledgling companies grew and rebranded SEVERAL times over the years to become the brand icons they are today.  [Coca-Cola initially started by being sold at a local pharmacy, and Google started its operations in a small garage space].

Logos are the face of any brand identity, therefore it’s important to ensure your logo reflects your current corporate image. This is especially important if you have expanded your products and services, or you’ve changed focus/direction compared to in the beginning.

This is why rebranding is part of the evolution of a company. Over time, it becomes necessary to adopt a new logo, symbol or design change that reflects the current mission and values of the business.

Other opportune times to rebrand include:
  • Launching New Products or Services
  • Undergoing a merger, demerger or change in ownership.
  • Customer Engagement has declined
  • Expansion into International Markets
  • Overcoming a Bad Reputation
So if you find that your brand no longer corresponds to who you are NOW, then rebranding is a vital step in your business time line.


Once you have decided on your new branding image, Signpower can bring it to life by manufacturing the corporate signage for your new design. Our Brisbane manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce all signage types within short time frames (which is often required for multi-site rebrands). We also have a network of skilled installers who can complete signage installations at any location Australia wide.

Signpower has successfully completed several multi-site rebrand projects, all within budget and time constraints. Over the years we have perfected the process required to accomplish rebrands locally and interstate.  We pride ourselves on having a team of experienced signage professionals ready to assist with your rebranding project, along with dedicated Project Managers to ensure a successful roll out.

Ready to start your rebrand???   Give us a call on (07) 3271 4444 to discuss your requirements.

Signpower is a full-service sign manufacturing company that can design, manufacture and install any type of corporate signage you require. We provide total signage solutions from one-off signs to multi-national branding projects across any location nation wide.
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